As you can see.. my sample images
are now watermarked.. It was fortunately because a friend of mine who's googling for a souvenir found his caricature, which was his wedding gift from me, hijacked. The face was completely changed.. but the whole body is definitely the same..

Here is the picture..
compare with this one..
what do you think?


Ever thought to give a caricature as a gift? Or you just want to have your very own caricature, describing of who you are or what you do?

Order now.. send me your photos and describe how you want your caricature to be look like, complete with your special notes, greetings, poems, or quotes.

Below are examples of caricature I made for my friends.

Since they are all not that famous :P , here I put their pictures next to the caricature. I hope they don't mind..

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